Fleshing, Filching & Fetishes by Vicky Roden

Fleshing, Filching & Fetishes is a solo exhibition by Vicky Roden, including Mayday – The Frolicking (A Live Art Mayday Celebration)

Vicky Roden presents a new body of work drawn from Digbeth, its people, its places and its legends.
Examining themes of appropriation, gentrification and the eternal cycle of arts-as-social-regeneration Fleshing, Filching & Fetishes focusses on humanities universal need for symbols and ritual, relics and celebration. Fashioned from a number of mythological artefacts, sinister cryptids and other revered objects this collection of genuine phonies celebrates the cultural and financial investment arts organisations have contributed to the locality and the very real community which has developed in the Digbeth area.
Including fakery, taxidermy, embroidery and found objects.

Special Events:

Daily Afternoon Tea – 3pm Wed-Fri

Digbeth First Friday Late Opening– Friday 3rd May - 6-9pm

Finding Guises Workshop – Saturday 4th May 12-5pm – Free, just drop in
Mayday is a time of transformation and taking on the characteristics of animals and mythical beasts. Finding Guises invites you to join in a discussion about such creatures and make a mask of your own alternate Mayday identity.

Mayday – The Frolicking – Monday 6th May 2-5pm – Free, Walk commences at 2pm, exhibition continues 3-5pm
Heralding the transition between Spring and Summer Mayday is a festival of fire and fertility, including joyous celebrations, parades and sacrifice. Mayday - The Frolicking seeks to celebrate the transformative aspect of the festival, traditionally marked by participants taking on the guises of Mayday characters or such animals and spirits which they feel a personal connection to.
A Live Art Mayday celebration, ...The Frolicking begins with a parade around Digbeth before four Live Artists present their take on Mayday ritual.

To submit a proposal please visit https://vickyroden.com/2019/03/31/open-call-mayday-the-frolicking/

Closing Event – Saturday 11th May 5-7pm
A last opportunity to see the exhibition and join in it’s celebratory send-off.
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