The Dry Womb

Installation by Hannah Mary Taylor looks at the addictive nature of neurotic behaviour that has developed into alcoholism and presents different perspectives for the viewer to experience the secrecy and the safety of repetition through explorations into the womb and how the emotionally absent mother distorts the child’s innate understanding of its place through the image of the disintegrating mother.
It presents a narrative of a relationship through the severity of the repetition and the absence that appears within its presence.

On Saturday 2/06/18 3pm-6pm we will present a workshop led by Hannah Mary.
‘Games of Absence and Presence: Performing Ritual’
This workshop is recommended for those who are interested in responding to trauma or significant memories with performance, poetry and the creation of order through ritualised space.
There will be a presentation followed by active opportunities to respond and create cathartic rituals.
If you would like to participate please bring an object that is a placeholder for something you need to find a release for.
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