Un - Scene

Exhibition opening - 01/09/17 6pm - 9pm
Closing Event - 17/09/17 12pm starting with an artist talk by Rob Hamp

A first time duo collaboration of new and existing reworks by New Art West Midlands award winning artists Rob Hamp and Halina Dominska. Abstract sculptural works of visual contrast and conceptual crossover. Corners to curves, pathways to dead ends, sensual to cutting, organic to geometric, light and shadow and illusory perceptions of freedom. These are some of the physical and non physical dimensions you'll encounter. Design philosophy meets phenomenology meets audience.

Both Rob and Halina seek out a freedom in their work, with boundaries of a visible and invisible nature.Rob an artist for many years often works with architectural materials, which display truths and untruths about stories he developments where three people interact.Halina a 2016 graduate exhibits for the first time as a duo with a rework of 'Bound to' (2016) which responds to conceptual crossovers and aesthetic differences.
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