Pittu Garam By Roo Dhissou and Fred Hubble

August 2nd- 15th
Opening Night: 2nd August 6pm-9pm
Tuesday-Saturday: 4pm-8pm
For access outside opening hours please make appointments

The first collaborative show between artists; Roo Dhissou and Fred Hubble, titled Pittu Garam the show reflects on a performance made in Aarhus, Denmark. The show will include a participatory artwork that will invite viewers to play Pittu, a game played by children in South Asia. The exhibition seeks to investigate the notion of cultural gifting, difference, multiplicitous relationships, consent and understanding.

The night will also be the launch of a joint publication, translations of stories of play from writers of different cultures, as well as an evening of Indian sweets.

There will be two performances on the evening commencing at 7 and 8pm.

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