WIP is a group exhibition showcasing work in progress from the studio holders at Stryx.
The choice of displaying developmental pieces over completed works lies in a collective emphasis on “doing”, in the value of “testing out”, the importance of failure, and allowing for conversations between artists and audiences.

Exhibition opens on Friday 2nd November 6pm-late and continues from the 3rd - 9th November, opening times: 4-7pm

Currently undertaking a PhD at Wolverhampton University, Kirsten Adkins works across film, projection, performance and installation.

Jakub Jan Ceglarz is an artist and researcher. His work takes the form of performance-based palimpsestuous photographs, films and installations.

James Dawson is a painter, visual artist, designer and maker. His work takes the form of abstract artworks that explore theme of urban environments.

Darryl Georgiou and Rebekah Tolley-Georgiou are collaborative interdisciplinary artists. Their photo-film work explores the tension between truth and fiction, history and memory.

Daniel Hayes focuses on contrasts of material and metaphor through multimedia sculpture, emphasising the local and industrial environment and exploring cultural significance.

Brenda Hickin, who has an extensive history in graphic design, explores neglect and care through the medium of photography.

Dominic MacMillan-Scott’s practice is rooted in reactive found image collage and is driven by a want to understand perceptions of the world around him.

Jack Miles is a recent MA fine art graduate. Waifu is a performance based form of media critiquing institutionalised practises.

Dorota Romanowska is an interdisciplinary practitioner working with photography and video, performance and writing.

Elvin Sanders works in sculpture and print making. He uses his reactions to low quality digital images as the starting point for work, exploring the idea of lifting images from the screen as a way of seeking ownership and participation with them.

Larissa Shaw is a sound installation and constructed textile artist, currently working in residence with the National Trust at the Elgar birthplace museum.

Emily Sparkes is a painter and visual artist, undertaking PhD study at the Royal College of Art. Her current series of large paintings explores our fidelity to low-resolution shareable Internet images.

Anastasia Starikova is a visual artist, writer and researcher, interested in archiving practices and urge to collect, digital and/or fictional narratives creating installations, texts and web interventions.

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