CITY GARDEN PROJECT collaboration with Fred Hubble and Digbeth Community Garden

Exploring the garden through growth, material and objects, the gallery becomes a contemplative space through which the garden becomes both static and on the verge of gesture.

Cultivated nature itself is tested by the seemingly barren nature of the white gallery itself, where certain plants thrive others die. Building foundations become eroded cliff faces and pulled teeth. Hazel becomes a shelter and a drawing.

Fruits gently ripen to fall into baskets.
Herbs wait to be picked.
The insect finding its way inside is confused by the flowers.
The ladder poised to be climbed.
Lemon trees, Orange Trees, Apple Tree, Flowering Quince, Mint, Sage, Thyme, Rosemary, Marjoram, Gooseberry.
Water mint
Wand- hazel
Brown Field
Mountain & Molar- aged oak
Sif, Bee & Bruja- Rafia, Bee brush, Wheat broom
The Harvesters after Bruegel
Cumulonimbus- Straw, wire
Plastic Magic- Carved Hazel
Threatened Natives- Oak and Ash walking stick
Ace of Spades
Sketch for a sweat lodge- bent hazel, twine
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