Private View: Friday 6 September, 6-9pm
Closing Party: Friday 4 October, 6-9pm

Viewing by appointment between 06/09 - 04/10

I remember back when I was little, coming home from school and doing what I thought were fun dances for my best friend which would culminate in me taking my clothes off. Looking back, I suppose I was giving her some kind of naïve strip-tease - we thought we were playing. Play and playtime seem to be something that functions as an essential part of your childhood until it’s either trained out of you or it becomes something else. I’ve been re-watching TV shows from when we were kids – like Art Attack (Pencil N Paper ALERT!) – when art and play were always together. The set with the massive water colour palette as big as a minibus that I thought you could probably sleep in and sweet Neil Buchanan who would talk directly to you in an excited, encouraging sort of way whilst messing about with clay, old newspapers and the all-important PVA glue. Why do we stop using “kids” art materials and move on to professional art supplies? When did we sacrifice our playtime for the work / life balance?

Artists in the exhibition include Kirsten Adkins, James Dawson, Rupi Dhillon, Darryl Georgiou and Rebekah Tolley-Georgiou, Brenda Hickin, Dominic Macmillan-Scott, Jack Miles, Dorota Romanowska, Elvin Sanders, Emily Scarrott, Larissa Shaw, Emily Sparkes, and Anastasia Starikova. Curated by Rupi Dhillon, Emily Scarrott and Emily Sparkes.
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