Culture Vs Nature? by Francesco Polazzi

The concept of beauty should be renewed so that a "beautiful thing" would necessarily be in accordance with the ethical and aesthetic respect of the environment.

"Nature vs Culture?" as an open question with many possible answers.
The dance between culture and nature must be desired,
the dance between man and environment,

between cultures,
between natures.
"Nature vs Culture"
But why.

Would not man be nature now?

Francesco Polazzi is an Italian artist whose works have been exhibited nationally, as well as in the United Kingdom, Norway, Spain, and France. He describes his artistic approach as "an assemblage". Polazzi's vibrant compositions combine the figurative with the abstract, in a style that is influenced by street-art. The multidimensionality reflected in his pieces is translated through mixed media and mixed techniques.

His way of communicating aims to convey a message of kindness and respect towards humankind.
His most recent works, combining word and image, philosophy and painting, are focusing on landscapes.

In his words:
It is impossible to paint a landscape, a glimpse, without becoming one with the environment, in a fusion of painter, painting and motif, in the union of the eye and the light emanating directly from the world in the color spread on the canvas Painting a landscape is becoming the landscape, forgetting oneself and transforming oneself into something greater, immense, infinite and indefinable, yet having as a result a painting, perhaps small, surely finite.

Polazzi will be using this residency to combine recognisable Birmingham landmarks and landscapes with his distinctive figurative style.
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