//Element// is an active research space by Ana Rutter and Kirsten Adkins inviting the viewer to look again at both the ordinary and the unexpected. Kirsten and Ana have gathered materials from diverse locations and situations; news footage, rehearsal spaces, gardens, buildings and digital spaces.

Through distilling, extracting, reformulating and repositioning sound, film, photo-graphs, objects and text the artists make new connections exploring the suggested, what is missing, the contradictory, the bits outside of the frame: The uncomfortable details which have been forgotten or the serendipitous moments which were mislaid.

The exhibition was initially open for two days and then worked into further and developed through consideration of how gathered and extracted materials from diverse sources work together and

This joint project started at the Stryx Gallery in the middle of May when Ana and Kirsten investigated the grouping of
elements and what happens when they collide in a space.
Over the following three weeks they have explored the particular, the spaces between and the interaction of
sound and silence.

Private View: Saturday 18th May
Friday 7th June (The event was silent)
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