Silver Darlings by Lucy Andrews is the fourth of the solo shows as part of BLENDER: soupptV Artist Residency traveling to The Asylum Gallery in Wolverhampton.

Presenting a collection of paintings investigating historical, unrecognised low paid or hidden jobs held by women such as work by women in the fish processing industries or mining industries. Herring, sometimes called silver darlings‚ were, gutted and salted by women working in groups of three or four each group packing one barrel at a time. Despite the difficult working conditions the herring industry gave these women huge amounts of independence to travel and work.

Using metal as a surface helps to manipulate qualities of flatness and three dimensionality while offering moments of self-reflection and dialogue around industry and manufacture.

Revisiting and documenting the division of labour in industry seems particularly pertinent following the anniversary of female suffrage. The use of paint itself engaging with feminist discussion around painting and suggesting that all painting by women has something to offer the feminist critical thought.

Artist talk 19th July 5pm
Private view 19th July 6pm
Exhibition open 20th July - 25th July by appointment

21 Clifton Street, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton, WV3 0TZ

BLENDER is the next phase of Soup - Stryx Artist Residency Programme in partnership with Asylum Gallery.
 The project is a catalyst to strengthen relationships & exchanges between the partners, supporting a strategy to build a strong connected arts community. BLENDER allows expansion of networks & diversification of audiences across Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

Selected artists were based at Stryx for 2 months producing a group exhibition in April 2019. During the second phase of the residency they will engage with individual development activities at Asylum Gallery, producing a solo exhibition each between May and July 2019.
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