Painter, Sculptor, Poet: Part II
Dinosaur Kilby (in collaboration with Kühle Wampe)

Painter, Sculptor, Poet: Part II is the second, more expansive project, in the ongoing series for Dinosaur Kilby. Taking the form of an exhibition, the root of this being a text by Mark Fisher, titled ‘Exiting The Vampire Castle.’ Kilby has created a video work of the same name, that explores themes of internet echo chambers, political art and the analogue vs the digital.

Hung around the gallery are material appropriated paintings obscured by poems embroidered onto the surface. Lampooning a western art history narrative, Kilby humorously slanders huge names such as Gainsborough & Reynolds.

Kilby has collaborated with art collective Kühle Wampe to create new video works as well as a zine to run alongside the exhibition to continue the exploration of the main themes: traditional artistic mediums against new ones, white male narratives & post-internet art.

Please join us for the P.V. on Friday 5th October 2018, 6pm-9pm at Stryx - Part of Digbeth First Friday.

Exhibition running 6th - 20th October, Thursday - Sunday 12pm - 5pm.

For visiting outside of the opening times please contact Thomas Kilby by emailing
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