Anastasia Starikova | Archiving Jakub |

Anastasija Starikova explores concepts of constructed narratives, text and experimental archiving and museology. Archiving Jakub is an ongoing project dedicated to creating an entire photo archive of Jakub Jan Ceglarz’s home, an artist working with notions of ‘heterotopia’.
The process of documentation creates an inner logic and structure of an experimental archive that corresponds to ideas of Jakub. Anastasia interviewed the artist throughout the project, discussing his view on the environment of home in relation to his practice and domestic life. The project is a response to the necessity of moving and the ways of sublimating this experience in order to cope with it. Archiving, as a way of recording the happening, the happened, allows to embrace the magic of domestic artefacts. Spoons, underwear and books cohabited the same small studio apartment for the past 5 years, where they have been a part of daily routines, conversations and art practices. They hold the domesticity of the apartment together, making home, home. They serve as a code of heterotopia; the space, living with its own laws, gravity and time, where other types of knowledge and practices are valid and possible.
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