B4g_Lord Bus Stop Micro Residency

For B4g_Lord’s bus stop residency, he created a poster based on a painting that would later feature in another of his residencies at Stryx - as part of Pressure Cooker Soup PtVI. Here is ‘Stripey ‘oss’. B4g_Lord went a bit further afield from Matthew, Jaz and Nuala and displayed bus stop posters in Winson Green. These advertised a workshop he held with Christ Church CE Primary School.

‘‘But what of the Bag itself? It is evident that the theme of Bags must be read metaphorically, as the displacement of another kind of anxiety. I want to argue this anxiety cries out to be read in cultural terms, and the question the Bag poses is: how long can a culture persist inside a plastic bag? What happens if the young are no longer capable of escaping the plastic bag?’’ 

For more of his great work - head here.


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