Stryx is delighted to present Bourn, the resulting exhibition of a new curatorial collaboration with Midlands-based collective OVUM (comprising artists Molly Cleaver, Markus Perks, Samuel Radcliffe, Chris Jackson and Jack Solomon Smith).

The exhibition brings together a selection of new and existing works from artists around the UK in an exploration of how hometowns, surroundings and situations impact artistic practice. Each piece of work presented reflects the influences, experiences and stories that have shaped the artist.

Artists involved are:
Elliot Carey, Tom Chisholm, Molly Cleaver, Angelina Davis, Anna Katarzyna Domejko, Andy Farr, Emily Hale, Lewes Herriot, Emily Kite, Geoffrey Klempner, Karolina Korupczynska, Laurie Lax, Victor Leleca, Bryony Loveridge, Emmie McLuskey, Sean O'Brien, Marcus Perks, Erica Price, Samuel Radcliffe, Lewis Spencer, Matthew Springer and Ed Wakefield.
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