Dan Hayes | Aneurysm | Raw Footage |

Dan studied Fine Art at Staffordshire University using the medium of video, with early interests of performance and daily ritual. Dans practice of welding objects of the domestic into steel pipe systems attempts to highlight the fragilities of the body and the domestic environment. Aneurysm is a mixed media sculpture made with a porcelain sink basin and steel pipe, which serves as a stark reminder of our human condition, highlighting the burdening requirements of the body such as hygiene and waste disposal.
Dan’s interest with old-fashioned methods and equipment is ever growing; being an obsessive collector of various cine-cams, film reel projectors and reel-to-reel tape recorders. His latest video work - Raw Footage was made from snippets of a Kenyan safari filmed using super 8 mm film in the 1960s, and then transferred to digital.
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