Katharine Wade

Using the experiences of myself and the human beings around me I create a variety of work focusing on memories, voices and opinions of myself and others and the power of relatively simple gestures.

I have this desperate need to document my existence through a variety of media, to capture the smallest moments rather than the large ones. I create my practice from what is around me. Reality. Human beings, faces, conversations, routine and emotion.

For me, it is the mundane, seemingly unimportant moments in life that I value. If my life changes beyond imagination tomorrow I know it will be the forgoten moments, gatherings of class mates in the studios, conversations around the dining table, the glance at a boy, the smell of shampoo, it is these memories will be missed most of all, these are the moments that will be thought of fondly in times of refection.

This is what my practice is about: the art of existence. The everyday is always there, hiding in plain site. I want to take these humdrum moments and place them on a pedestal, displaying them for all to see, as though to say:

Here is life. You are in it just as I.
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