Khulod Bugami | Her Memory |

Khulod Ageel was born in Saudi Arabia in1982. Her practice explores interrelations between art, place and memory, particularly exploring women’s spatial practice in Saudi culture and heritage and how can these practices can be representing in contemporary art. With Khulod’s roots belonging to Bedouin tribe, the centre of her artwork is inspired from a cultural traditional weaving called “Alsadu’’ in Saudi Arabia. The Bedouin women wove al-Sadu tents for the desert tribes, the architects of the desert. They brought together threads of different wools and colours and sat down and wove them together into a single, flexible, decorated, nomadic fabric. Khulod’s work attempts to ask the questions; how do we inhabit space? Who owns space?Does space empower or disempower us? How we recall a memory in a spatial practice?
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