Mothers Who Make is an international grassroots movement, dedicated to supporting the dual role of mothers and maker/artist/creative. 

Stryx is now a Birmingham Hub that strives to connect and support local mothers, birth-givers, and care-givers who are also creators through various means such as peer support meetings, workshops, events, discussions, artist talks, exhibitions, and more. The hub is located at Stryx, managed by two female artists and mothers committed to making space for local mother/nonbinary parent creatives.

Who can participate?
All kinds of makers, whether professional or passionate, including writers, painters, performers, filmmakers, musicians, technicians, producers, bakers, crafters, taxidermists, academics, and more.
Every type of mother/nonbinary parent is welcomed, be it biological, adoptive, step, surrogate, foster, bereaved, grand, great-grand, or soon-to-be. We encourage a diverse range of people to engage in the unfolding MWM conversations, spanning across generations and art forms.

Children of any age are also welcome, ensuring that your dual role as a mother and maker is equally valued at all our events.

Last Tuesday of the month at 11:30am:
£3 - £5 suggested donation

Stryx Community Cafe
90 Vyse Street
Jewellery Quarter 
B18 6JZ

What can you expect?
Our monthly peer support meetings are designed to provide you with the space to explore your creative practice and identities alongside your caring roles. Using a core peer-support talking circle structure explained at the beginning of each meeting, we delve into emergent themes in mothering and making, points of connection between the two roles, areas of dissonance, specific challenges, and helpful resources. The meetings maintain a non-hierarchical approach, with the facilitator acting as a guide who shares experiences as a fellow mother maker.

While every MWM hub shares a common ethos and practice, each has the flexibility to grow and evolve based on the needs and interests of the regional artists attending. You're invited to join us and contribute to shaping this inspiring and expanding movement.

For more information go to Mothers Who Make website.

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