STRYX Artists Residency Programme

PROOFER is a supported by Arts Council England artist residency programme, aimed at developing artistic and organisational collaborations and networks, forming relationships to build a strong connected arts community.

Selected artists are based at Stryx over July - August 2018 producing new work and involving themselves with local communities through a busy workshop programme.
PROOFER residency will culminate in a touring, interdisciplinary exhibition between the galleries involved December 2019 - June 2019.

For this project we are working with four gallery spaces across the UK: Assembly House / Leeds, The Trophy Room / Liverpool, arebyte_gallery / London, The Birley / Preston

Selected artists are:

Emily Roderick (selected by Stryx) - Roderick explores the connotations of sight and what that means within a digital age, where surveillance, data and notifications seem to dictate. For the residency Roderick proposes to research and use her performance as a starting point. She wants to explore and develop Body = Device into a more refined work and project that has different versions, appearances and mediums.

Rufus Newell (selected by Assembly House) - Newell creates drawings and paintings through a heady mix of layered materials and explorative medium mixing. During the residency he will be working on further exploration of drawings and paintings that are heavy with colour, creating a very tactile and rich image. He will create work allowing the imagery to have depth beyond what was originally intended, juxtaposing layers of heavy chalk and oils layer and simple line drawings with no underlying layers of material.

Flavia Vita Evangelista (selected by The Trophy Room) - Evangelista is interested in the human constant search for meaning in the Self, perfectioning and augmenting own existence through add-on tools while blurring the boundaries of spirituality and technology. Evangelista proposes to explore her multimedia practice by producing videos, performances and installations by dissect elements encountered in cultural mass productions in combination with an investigative personal perspective.

Marc Blazel (selected by arebyte gallery) - Blaze is a multidisciplinary artist specialising in video, illustration and web theory. His practice explores the boundaries between online and IRL. Blaze proposes to produce work complementing his current research investigating parallels between the decline in self sufficient online communities and the closure of DIY and community spaces in the UK.

Benedict Rutherford (selected by The Birley) - Rutherford is an artist and printmaker. His practice includes screenprint, lino-cut, found image and collage, alongside the production of zines, pamphlets and self-published works. He will be developing work themed around utopian optimism, semantics and the production of meaning exploring the ways in which meaning is constructed and communicated, and how the combination of different imagery and materials provokes new readings and narratives.
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