In June Stryx opened our new 6 month long online residency programme ‘Peep@Stryx,’ designed for 22 artists included in Stryx’s pre-Covid19 programme and showcasing the diversity of artistic practices in the West Midlands.

The artists will have 1 week each to make work and present it online. This will include an artist talk, home studio sneaky peek sessions and a community workshop that everyone will be able to join from the comfort of their own home.

Visit our Instagram and IGTV channel for Peep@Stryx sessions and artist talks.

October programme of events
September programme of events

August programme of events
July programme of events
June programme of events

Workshops - see a workshop schedule here.

Video Tutorials - as part of our programme Stryx delivers weekly, free public community art / creative workshops. Here you will find fully accessible video tutorials from selected workshops. All of the video tutorial below are translated into British Sign Language. They can also be accessed in English, Polish, Czech and Urdu via subtitles.
You can access more workshop sessions though our YouTube channel.

Selected Artists:

Amber Drew / Anastasia Starikova / Brenda Hickin / Darryl Georgiou / Ewan Johnston / Hira Butt / Jakub Ceglarz / James Dawson / Jasmine Morrison / Kirsten Adkins / Larissa Shaw / Lexi Strauss / Lucy Andrews / Marcin Sz / Molly Cleaver / Nuala Clooney / Paul Newman / Rebekah Tolley-Georgiou / Rupi Dhillon / Sarah Fortes Mayer / Tamsin Lunn / Tereza Buskova

Peep@Stryx Residency run from 01/06/20 to 30/10/20

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