Below you will find 7 selected video tutorials based on workshops delivered through Peep@Stryx programme.

All of the video tutorials are translated into British Sign Language. They can also be accessed in English, Polish, Czech and Urdu via subtitles.
Note: To access your chosen language subtitles press play and select Settings > Subtitles > your chosen language

Below each video tutorial you can find a link to an easy read booklet and other workshop resources available to download.

You can also join our weekly art and creative workshops through Zoom. Click here for more details.

Workshop 1 - ADORATION OF HOME by Jakub Ceglarz

Love letter for home - Easy Read file

Workshop 2 - HAND TUFTING by Larissa Shaw

Hand Tufting - Easy Read file

Workshop 3 - BETWEEN BLACK & WHITE WORLDS - the story of Bill Traylor by Tereza Buskova

Between Black & White Worlds - Easy Read file

Workshop 4 - STRINGING STORIES TOGETHER by Rupi Dhillon

Stringing Stories Together - Easy Read

Workshop 5 - WHEN ANIMALS TALK by Paul Newman

When animals talk - Easy Read file

Workshop 6 - 5 SYMBOLS OF BELONGING by Tereza Buskova

5 Symbols of Belonging - Easy Read
Download of Mokosh drawing

Workshop 7 - LET'S ROCK WITH ROCKS by Hira Butt

Let's Rock With Rocks - Easy Read file
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