Pressure Cooker Soup Pt VI - Curated Open Studios

Stryx is presenting work in progress by Molly Cleaver, Lily Wales, B4g_Lord, and Ambie Drew. Working alongside mid-career artists for one month, artists can build their professional networks and develop knowledge of the art industry.

This month we would like to introduce you to Two mid-career artists, Tereza Buskova and Paul Newman, who are joining the residency programme at Stryx to produce new work towards solo shows at Stryx.

Paul Newman’s work incorporates painting with installation and performance. An overarching series: English Gothic combines motifs and reference points from the 18th & 19th-century Romantic landscape paintings with 20th & 21st-century architecture, the Ford Escort van and Gothic horror.

Tereza Buskova is a Czech artist who lives in Birmingham. Her practice celebrates and reinterprets long established customs - particularly ritual, tradition and craft as carriers of identity and belonging. She works in print, video, performance and public art projects, including staging large-scale participatory events with local communities.

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