Pressure Cooker Soup Pt VI - One who hears the cries of the world by Tereza Buskova

Stryx Gallery is delighted to present new, experimental and site-specific work as well to showcase recent participatory projects by Birmingham-based artist Tereza Bušková. Referencing in its title a Buddhist deity whose name, Guan Yin, translates into English as the ‘one who hears the cries of the world’, Bušková’s magical and multidisciplinary exhibition encompasses protective patterns, symbolic sand pouring, willow framed and free-form bread-based installations and a series of blackand white monotype prints as well as collectively made insignia, costumes and films.

Immersive, intuitive and inimitable as well as rooted in thorough anthropological research, Bušková’s practice is inspired not only by Slavonic folklore, but also by British, European and global cultural traditions – celebratory soap markings on the windows seem imbued with cryptic potential while the decorative and protective properties of sand symbols on the floor appear reminiscent of nineteenth century Polish preparations for religious feasts, most notably Easter, and pre-Christian Slavic springtime customs.
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