Rebekah Tolley & Darryl Georgiou | Thixotropia |

Rebekah and Darryl’s interdisciplinary research and practice often approaches the subject of historical memory in an attempt to reveal the disparity involved in seeking to ‘represent the past’. This work often investigates the relationship between the archive, the still and moving image. Wider research explores How Places Feel that often involve disturbance, turmoil or perceived injustice (Spaces of Trauma).

The research question being how this (re-presentation) shapes the image of the present with a bearing on the here and now. Our practice is interested in the tension between truth, fiction, history and memory. One question being: ‘How Information Becomes Authoritative?’ - in turn exploring the way that we map and classify the world in order to understand it.
Our private photo/film archive and public image collections provide a departure point to make interventions with participants and external partners. Genius Loci, Hinterland, Missing Persons and Thixotropia are projects represented in the exhibition.
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