Stryx delivers it’s curatorial vision through a programme of artist residencies. The programme provides unique developmental opportunities for artists, working as a catalyst to strengthen relationships between the partners, to build a strong connected arts community and progress individual art careers onto a more professional level. We run our residency programme in three strands, each focusing on separate contextual matter:

Soup Residency and Artist Development Programme - providing a cross-experience, combined approach to artistic growth of local talent through production of new work and development of professional networks across West Midlands organisations.
Scaffolding Residency - directed onto research of experimental ideas and new ways of thinking of art as a tool for potential business.
Shore Residency - providing international exchange and exhibition opportunities in physical and Virtual Reality.

The programme allows its participants to undertake different strains of professional development: production, exhibition, networking, linking with communities and art talks. It pushes the practices into the professional and commercial art world and allows connections with the international art market.
We invite the public to experience the process of art and exhibition production creating an open platform for learning and growth.
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