SLOW COOKER: souppIV Artists Residency Open Studios

2 June 2017

Stryx invited Digbeth First Friday goers to a curated open studios event, showcasing the most recent artistic developments of SLOW COOKER: soupptIV artists in residence: Ian Andrews, Frederick Hubble, Emily Scarrott + Hannah Taylor, Amy McLelland and Thomas Kilby.

SLOW COOKER is a new and exciting artist residency and development of the SOUP residency programme at Stryx, aimed at facilitating artistic collaborations and networks, forming relationships to build a strong connected arts community.

Selected artists are based at Stryx for the duration of May and June 2017, producing new work that will tour between Stryx, Asylum Gallery, Meter Room, Direct Art Action and Artists Workhouse from July to December 2017.

Photography Credit: Marcin Sz work
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