SLOW COOKER: soupptIV Residency Workshop Weekender

17/18 June Sat + Sun 12-2pm 
at Stryx

No booking required / Materials provided

In conjunction with Supersonic Festival Stryx residency artists will be delivering workshops that invite the public to explore their practices in a hands on approach!

SLOW COOKER is a new and exciting artist residency and development of the SOUP residency programme at Stryx, aimed at facilitating artistic collaborations and networks, forming relationships to build a strong connected arts community.

SATURDAY 17/06/17 12pm – 2pm

Thomas Kilby: Perform karaoke in front of green screen with Tom

Frederick Hubble: Fred will teach you how to make pasta dough levitate

SUNDAY 18/06/17 12pm – 2pm

Ian Andrews: Sit down for dinner with Ian and sculpt your own replica food

Hannah Taylor + Emily Scarrott: Work with Hannah and Emily to explore representations of yourself and others through movement, colour and space
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