Our recent film, La Communauté, brings in familiar elements from the everyday and juxtaposes them with imagined and surreal imagery, placing its context in a dreamlike utopia that draws attention to unanticipated consequences of the future. The film has been awarded both the Worcestershire County Council Art Award and has been accepted into 2016’s New Art West Midlands exhibition. As seen in the film, our work is often supported and influenced by historical events, architectural objects and cultural artefacts, giving a relatable access point to the work. The film features the city of Birmingham extensively, transforming it into an other-wordly space, which is something we wish to explore further. The architecture of Birmingham is of particular interest due to it's brutalism and industrial design that fills the city.

We will expand upon the narrative of this film over our residency by utilising an expansive range of filming locations in Birmingham, while ideally using the Performing Arts and Drama Department of the universities in Birmingham to feature in the production. By the end of the residency, we will have created a new short film developing our narrative based in the city and surrounding area, plus a series of videos accompanied by bespoke audio/musical sequences to be published on our website and social media outlets.
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