Curated by Jonathan Harris

New president, new Europe, new year, old monster.

Extraordinary events have undermined the stability of our old, reassuring world. What our leaders say is no longer real. 2016 was the year that gave birth to a many-headed hydra of political devastation.

We invite you to hear the alternative facts of the matter: Artists Edward Wakefield, Matthew Springer, Daniel Salisbury and Tasos Stamou will launch a barrage of buzz bombs at the fragile surface of the post-truth world; grab military-industrial power firmly by the pussy; show you how to find nirvana within the cat shit, and drown out the cacophony of fake news with sheer sonic filth.

Help us pave our paper brick road through a forest of outdated memes and kinetic repetition. It will be loud, it might get ugly – as we take up our rallying cry #sorrynotsorry
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