Tadas and Matt do Rock ’n’ Roll… Badly

For Stryx's offering at this year's Warwick Bar Summer Fete, Tadas Stalyga and Matt Springer will present the continuation of the exploration of their current interests – reworking the classics of jazz, swing, blues – and on this particular occasion – rock’n’roll. How does Gene Vincent’s Be-Bop-A-Lula sound when played with synths and amplified processed vocals? More than that, the performers’ bodies will be paired with the projections boasting ‘iconic’ rock ’n ’roll moves and looks. We invite you to the Stryx gallery for the afternoon where we will be sharing our folly atmospheric charge.
The overall result should hopefully be… ridiculous...

Emerging artists Fred Hubble and Ally Standing will be joining in the festivities alongside Matt and Tadas' performance presenting their work, 'Seven Cities of Gold'. Their work will present themes of exploration - themes which though differ in setting, have interesting contextual interrelations and parallels.

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