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Images: Ian Andrews, Anna Katarzyna Domejko, Matthew Gale, Martin Green, Gemma Jones. Photo Credits: Marcin Sz



We are #hereforCulture Stryx has been awarded £54,791 as part of the Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund (CRF) to help face the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and to ensure they have a sustainable future, the Culture Secretary has announced.
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SPOT VR Residency 2023
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Abdulrazaq Awofeso

Wa wọ
by Tomilola Olumide

The landscape that shapes us
by Aaliyah Shaw

Spot VR Residency is a programme dedicated to artists representing the global majority, who would like to explore VR as a new way of making their work or develop their already existing VR practice. This follows the launch of StryxVR gallery space in 2020, and the first of our VR artists’ residencies, with Joyce Treasure and Chadwick Jackson.


Shore is a new artist residency programme inspired by the success of the Quebec Project Stryx delivered in 2019.

For the new development of Shore we have partnered with GH36 Berlin in Germany, which is a vibrant space directed towards producing art, culture and technology, delivering artist residencies and selling art. Part I takes part at GH36 between 8/7/23 - 13/07/ 23 and Part II at Stryx’s Minerva Works gallery between 4/8/23 - 26/8/23.

This residency sees a cumulative work in progress duo exhibition between artists Leon Trimble (Birmingham, UK) and Enrika Myskovskaja aka eNµ (Berlin). Witness a quadraphonic sound and 4 channel video installation investigating Gilles Deleuze concepts of Smooth and Striated boundaries and perpetuity. 

Leon Trimble is a digital artist who works in audio visual performance. He specialises in immersive video and synth design. During his residency at Stryx and his collaboration with Myskovskaja, Trimble plans to explore locative art further and collaborate by testing the responsiveness of different mediums such as laser lights and sound.

eNµ is an electronic musician, improviser and sound explorer. Her work is influenced both by scientific reference and an explorative study of environmental experience, and investigates the sonic properties of ordinary, peculiar, repetitive and unrepeatable content that is generated. She will produce systems responding with sound to Leon's 360 visualisations.

Pressure Cooker Soup PTVI - In the shade of the Fanta lemon tree by B4g_Lord

In the shade of the Fanta Lemon tree closes out the Soup PtVI Residency as a whole. B4g_lord approaches capitalism and neofeudalism with his trademark wit and prolific output of paintings, sculptures and drawings, all from the ground level of the concrete jungle. Watch out for bags, pigeons and shopping trolleys! 

Opening 26/8/23 12pm - 4pm

Eagle Works
Victoria House
Mander Centre Car Park
Wolverhampton WV1 3PS

Pressure Cooker Soup PtVI - Substance by Molly Cleaver

Substance by Molly Cleaver is the last of three exhibitions at the Asylum Art Gallery.  During the Soup residency, Molly has benefitted from using a large space to produce bigger pieces whilst considering the site and curatorial aspect of her work. She enjoys putting herself in the position of the viewer and offering something visually different that you can travel around, see from different perspectives and even become a part of. For her solo show she has produced several large scale paintings as well as smaller wooden pieces that are playful, tactile and ultra colourful.

With musical performances from at0mmicdawg.

Opening 5th August 6pm - 9pm
& 6th August 11am - 2pm

The Asylum Art Gallery
21 Clifton Street Wolverhampton
Pressure Cooker Soup PtVI - God's Chosen Puppet

God’s Chosen Puppet by Ambie Drew is the second of three solo exhibitions travelling to The Asylum Art Gallery in Wolverhampton.

The practice explores consumerism, gender and identity. How do we explore through our ‘digital selves’ online? How do we fabricate our online personas in reality? How do you exist? The artist examines this through the construction of their alter ego, Ambie Drew, a product of internet culture and algorithms in combination with neural wifi and factual fragments. Her sole existence is to consume, produce and glitch.

Opening 22nd July 6pm - 9pm
& 23 July 11am - 2pm

The Asylum Art Gallery
21 Clifton Street Wolverhampton
Pressure Cooker Soup Pt VI - Neurocell

Neurocell by Lily Wales is the first of three solo exhibitions travelling to The Asylum Art Gallery in Wolverhampton.

Lily Wales is a UK based artist working with handmade photomontage, sculpture and animation. Previously her practice has investigated the appropriation of nature within nuclear weaponry, exploring the mushroom cloud as an icon and commenting on the bizarre naming of atomic bombs, in order to examine the ability language has to anaesthetise public perception. Her practice now aims to reframe the narrative around nuclear energy by exploring its impact on the natural and political climate.

Opening 8th July 6pm - 9pm
& 9th July 2pm - 5pm

The Asylum Art Gallery
21 Clifton Street Wolverhampton

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