Shore is a new artist residency programme inspired by the success of the Quebec Project Stryx delivered in 2019.

For the new development of Shore we have partnered with GH36 Berlin in Germany, which is a vibrant space directed towards producing art, culture and technology, delivering artist residencies and selling art. Part I takes part at GH36 between 8/7/23 - 13/07/ 23 and Part II at Stryx’s Minerva Works gallery between 4/8/23 - 26/8/23.

This residency sees a cumulative work in progress duo exhibition between artists Leon Trimble (Birmingham, UK) and Enrika Myskovskaja aka eNµ (Berlin). Witness a quadraphonic sound and 4 channel video installation investigating Gilles Deleuze concepts of Smooth and Striated boundaries and perpetuity. 

Leon Trimble is a digital artist who works in audio visual performance. He specialises in immersive video and synth design. During his residency at Stryx and his collaboration with Myskovskaja, Trimble plans to explore locative art further and collaborate by testing the responsiveness of different mediums such as laser lights and sound.

eNµ is an electronic musician, improviser and sound explorer. Her work is influenced both by scientific reference and an explorative study of environmental experience, and investigates the sonic properties of ordinary, peculiar, repetitive and unrepeatable content that is generated. She will produce systems responding with sound to Leon's 360 visualisations.

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