VR Gallery Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of StryxVR, a virtual gallery accessible online 24/7 to all & a VR pop up booth offering a mobile VR gallery experience & sales opportunities. StryxVR are flexible & portable options allowing functioning during the pandemic, reaching places with poor access to culture & developing a commercial strand to our business.
We worked with Ben Neal (Psicon Lab) to develop this project and are extremely excited to present to you two solo exhibitions testing the new development to Stryx curatorial vision.

The gallery launches with two solo exhibitions resulting from the VR Residency Pilot
11 STEPS by Magdalena Jasiak
Title sequence to a film that never was by Asuf Ishaq

VR Residency Pilot

VR Residency Pilot is supported by the Culture Recovery Fund brand new  residency programme, aimed at artists who in their practice want to explore various aspects of virtual reality to investigate how artwork can manifest itself in a digital environment.
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