Tuesday 28th May
M/others Who Make Peer Support Session
Jewellery Quarter
11:30am - 1:00pm
Next Tuesday the 28th from 11:30 at Stryx Cafe join Karolina for our fifth Mothers Who Make session.This will be a peer support session as well as planning for hub development.

Our monthly peer support meetings are designed to provide you with the space to explore your creative practice and identities alongside your caring roles. Using a core peer-support talking circle structure explained at the beginning of each meeting, we delve into emergent themes in mothering and making, points of connection between the two roles, areas of dissonance, specific challenges, and helpful resources. The meetings maintain a non-hierarchical approach, with the facilitator acting as a guide who shares experiences as a fellow mother maker. This will be a peer support session as well as planning for hub development.

Drop Karolina an email on karolina@stryxgallery.org to book in. Suggested donation £3-5 including coffee/ and cake 🧁).

This event is also part of #100daysofcreativity. To find out more head here.

Every Friday from March 22nd
Mini Stryx: Creative Stay and Play
Jewellery Quarter
1:00pm - 2:30pm

Are you based in the Jewellery Quarter or neighbouring areas? Got children aged 0-5 and looking for something to do?? We’re excited to announce that we have launched a brand new, free for all, creative stay and play group at Stryx’s Jewellery Quarter hub. Every Friday from 1.30pm - 3.00pm you can explore endless fun possibilities with your kids. This session will work as a community-based setting that offers a structured yet relaxed environment where parents can connect with one another and share experiences (over a cup of tea!) while their children playing and accessing self managed creative activities. 

Friday 1st March - Friday 31st May
All Seeing Eye by Katherine Howes
Stryx JQ Gallery
Private view Friday 19th April  4pm - 9pm
9am - 3pm Monday to Saturday

Our next Window Residency artist is Katherine Howes. Howes will be exhibiting a fine art video installation for the window residency entitled: ‘All Seeing Eye’.

The ‘All seeing eye’ is a symbol which has feature throughout history in many different cultures and societies. It has often been used in North America and Russia symbolically on money or seals associated with power. It represents the omnipresence of God, watching the action of humanity and serves as a reminder ‘we are being watched’.

As the shop looks back at us; flipping the usual Gaze of consumers viewing products, we become the product of our society, raising questions about our relationship with money, where we spend it and what we buy.

Monday 27th May - Friday 31st May
Heads in a Landcape by Stephen Court & Karlin Rushbrooke

Stryx JQ Gallery
9am - 3pm daily

The heads are made by Karlyn Rushbrooke and the landscapes by Stephen Court.

These works are produced by two old friends who met 1973 but this will be the first time that their work has been publicly shown together.

Stephen died in 2020 but his work lives on. Karlyn continues to work at his studio in Herefordshire.

Stephen studied at Birmingham College of Art and Karlyn at Stourbridge College of Art so this central venue is a return to old stomping grounds.
The subject matter and use of materials chosen by these two experienced artists are very different but the combination will make for a very interesting exhibition.

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