3rd - 16th September

Re-thinking Dhee Kahani

A solo exhibition by Hira But sowcasing Dhee Kahani, a sculpture made out of golden metal bangles and speaks about the repetition of physiological cultural and emotional dissonance that is passed on from one generation of women to another, over centuries, from one woman's wrist to another. It explores the layered complexity of traditional culture of passing the bucket of ancestral expectations of being an exemplary woman and how it can be used to exploit the meaning of relationships.

Re-thinking Dhee Kahani for Stryx’s is a de-construction of the symbolic representation of the bangles and its response to white cube space. 

Exibition opening - Friday 3rd September 6pm - 9pm
Gallery will be open Wednesday - Saturday 3-6pm during the exhibition.

1st - 16th October


A solo exhibition by B4g_lord. The premis of the show is based on an idea B4g_lord has been working on recently. It is centredaround a man with a Sainsbury’s bag on his head . It’s metaphor for complicity in capitalism/ consumerism and also a head in the sand type ostrich situation.

Exibition opening - Friday 1st October 6pm - 9pm
Gallery will be open Wednesday - Saturday 12-4pm during the exhibition.

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